Friday, November 20, 2009

4th quarter

2nd sem started formally this week, and since there will be lots of holidays coming which includes Christmas and New year's break, colleagues told me that most likely will only have 6 weeks to complete the whole semester.

Obviously, the topics per syllabus this sem was much more compared to the previous one. Plus I had additional subjects to teach which makes me hurrying doing advance studies. I'm sure it'll be a more tough battle this time. Current load makes me visible on all levels, including the supposed graduates next year. Glad it's considered as minor only and research/interviews of people in the field could compensate or make the subject more interesting.

While I'm focus dealing with time management this sem, don't know what happened last week as my stomach gets upset again. Making me worried once feeling the same symptoms. Sometimes makes me crazy to think of dying early. Well yeah, perhaps being a good girl after all is worthy because after that, one doesn't need to feel anymore the pain, difficulties and heartache. Don't think that I'm a quitter, it's just that I've grown tired doing lots of things for everybody (doesn't mean pleasing them)...Neither have regrets doing it if I'll be given another chance. It was my joy to give almost everything and expect nothing in return. If there was something to be given back, for me it was like a taste of heaven!

And if I have more time or opportunities along this journey, the things I would like to do would be the fulfilment as a person and not to have the material things nor achieving my dreams. I guess, God has already blessed me for all the experiences and things I achieved. To tell the people I love, that I love them,to laugh with them more often, to be with them, to be a blessing for others... so that at the end, I could be worthy enough facing my Creator.

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Henry said...

it's already a cliche that life is short so live it to the fullest. Well, i believe that prioritizing God means going his way, his words and his path. It's the way we can live life to the fullest.Be unique and stand up for what is pleasing to him.